Tales Of The Tomb are death metal musicians based in Edmonton, AB. We will be releasing our debut EP, Volume One: Morpras, on Friday, November 27th.

In less than a year, we have performed at over six shows and recorded our first 3-song EP called Morpras. The title is derived from old English and refers to the "secret killing of a person, unlawful killing." The EP consists of music inspired by serial killers, shedding light on their heinous crimes rather than celebrating them. Morpras stands out with its unique blend of melody and groove, reminiscent of old school death metal. The opening track, "Snowtown," sets the tone for this murderous journey with its heavy groove and powerful vocals. The second song, "Pig Farmer," is fast and brutal, much like the slayings of Robert Pickton. We have also created a lyrical video to accompany this song, which will be available on YouTube. The EP concludes with "Dr. Death," a chilling and slower tempo track that depicts the heinous crimes of Harold Shipman.

Our concept album about murder was recorded by Greg Wright at Hillbilly Wizard Sound Studio and mixed/mastered by Dan Swano, a master of European death metal (formerly of Bloodbath and Unisound). This EP is just the beginning, as Tales Of The Tomb has many more sonic crimes in store for the future.

Every town has cautionary tales, every police officer has witnessed crimes that haunt their dreams, and every coroner has seen death in unimaginable ways. Murder, conspiracy, supernatural horror, and real-life terror are the dark themes that Tales Of The Tomb explores through their music.

Driven by a shared passion for the intense power of 90's era death metal, Tales Of The Tomb started as an idea that grew into an insatiable desire to create extreme music. Core Skerlak and Connor Adams handle guitar and vocals, respectively. Bryn Herbert takes care of the bass, John Thomson is the skilled drummer, and Tres Thomas adds to the gruesome tone as the second guitarist. Their inspiration stems from the pulp-and-grim of vintage horror comics that glorified horrific crimes and creatures, which ultimately led to the band's name: Tales Of The Tomb.